A PICTURE BLOG (...a plog?!)

It was an eventful day, and because a picture is worth a thousand words, I will let them do most of the talking...

Got up and had a big Mongolian breakfast then put on our swim gear for a rafting trip. The rafts were loaded on a yak cart and we walked with the yak (actually more of an ox) upstream for a couple hours. When we arrived at a good place to put in, we stopped, blew up the rafts and headed leisurely downstream toward camp.

Back at camp we dined on another oversized lunch (it seems that lunch at this camp is a 5 course meal every day!). After lunch we saddled up the horses and set out to explore Mongolia. With no fences in the entire country (not entirely though, some fences exist near Ulaanbaatar, but, most of the country has absolutely NO FENCES!) we were able to ride in any direction for as long as we pleased. The scenery was unexplainable; it was peaceful and relaxing. The only major scare was when Christi's horse when down right in front of me, but she held on like a seasoned bull rider and we were back on the trail before we could catch our breath!

...and they rode away, happily ever after...

Next: sleep. Tomorrow: back to Ulaanbaatar

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  1. looks really fun! I wish I could experience everything you did.