Woke up early today, 4:45 am. We set out in the Shermans to look for Tahki in their beds. The windows on the vans were frosted over (it was a COLD morning. I wore my long johns to bed and I kept them on under my clothes all day!). We found two herds once we stopped and we were able to get within about 100 yards of one group. It is pretty miraculous to know you are in such close proximity to the only remaining wild horses in the world!

We had an inquiry activity after breakfast that took us into the woods. We chose to analyze "skat" (poo) from Red Deer (I guess they were on my mind from yesterday).

After lunch we got to ride Mongolian horses through the National Park! WOW! Mongolian horses are smaller than our horses and as far as I am concerned, they seem to have a better disposition. The park ranger put "softer" saddles on our horses compared to the traditional wooden Mongolian saddles. They were comfortable except for the short stirrups and their placement directly over the front shoulders. I would have rode all day had they let me!

This afternoon was pretty relaxed. Discussion then dinner then we played games with the Mongolian students that arrived at camp to visit us. More on why there are here in tomorrow's journal. We got a fresh shipment of cold drinks and water. It is nice to enjoy a cool beverage (most things we drink have to be warm because of lack of refrigeration) in this awe-inspiring valley with good food and good friends. I think it is now fair to call these people I have spend the last week with "friends", Americans and Mongolians alike.

Note: This is my second night in a bed. I miss the ger and sleeping in the dirt. Not sure why...just do.

Another note: It is 9:50 pm here which means Christi should be in flight between Montana and Seattle. I am jumping out of my skin anticipating her arrival. (Christi was flying to Ulaanbaatar to meet me when we came out of the wilderness and spend a week exploring Mongolia with me !)


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