I tried; I tried as hard as I could to make a packing list that would allow me to only bring a carry-on and not check any luggage. I even reduced down to 2 pairs of undies. But, with a sleeping bag, it proved to be too much and now I'll have to check my backpack at the airport. I wonder if I will ever see it again!

I only had to purchase a few necessities for this trip, although Christi might say I purchased WAY TOO MUCH!
  • iPod Asia power converter/charger: 'Check'
  • Dr. Bronners Biodegradable Soap: 'Check' (Gotta stay clean when you only have 2 pairs of undies...)
  • Rubik's Cube: 'Check' (Hey! When you have two 25 hour flights, you might as well learn how to solve a Rubik's!)
  • Convertible Pants: 'Check' (It's like two of the best things zipped together in one! Pants AND Shorts...you decide, it is only two 'zips' away!!!)
  • Immodium and Gas-X: 'Check and Check' (Boiled lambs leg and fermented goats milk?! Gotta be prepared!)
It's hard to say what I've forgotten. Guess I'll know soon enough!

баяртай, сайн сууж байгаарай
(Mongolian: "Goodbye" pronounced: bayartai)

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