17 days seems a pretty insignificant amount of time to be away from home. But, in reality it is definitely NOT insignificant. Rigley is 4 months old and while she won't know I am gone, Christi will bear the burden of 'round the clock feeding and changing. Christi sacrifices more than anyone else when I leave home. Thank God she is loving and forgiving!

Danger sank into a deep doggy depression last summer. We are afraid he will do the same.

Dange and Rigley will stay with "Ice" (the babysitter) during the days and at Grandma and Grandpa Beals at night.

I will miss them all and think about them often. Christi got a Garnet ring for mothers day (it is a bright red stone). I told her that I had it replaced with a (clear) diamond but that the diamond had "special" powers: Whenever I am thinking of her, the stone will glow red...

She replied, "It is always red..." I agreed and said, "Hmm, I must be thinking of you all the time!"

She smiled when she finally figured out what I was talking about, and rolled her eyes a little bit too...

баяртай, сайн сууж байгаарай
(Mongolian: "Goodbye" pronounced: bayartai)

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